I think that, most especially for such a project as this, a thick black line needs to be drawn between fiction and reality, and we need to draw our direct inspiration only from the less graphic elements of the fantasy. Piracy, in reality, was a brutish existence, always hard and often short and bloody, and while we may occasionally brush against that for dramatic impact, I feel we should, as a rule, steer clear.

Users here should strive neither to play nor completely 'clone' famous movie and literary pirates, otherwise we'll end up with two dozen Jack Sparrows. The odd quality and quirk is no problem, nor, I believe, is taking a picture from a film as a starting point, but it is important that we make the character our own, not simply a recycling of something people can see elsewhere.

As with any RP wiki, I think we need to be clear that a character belongs to the user, and unless they are destroying everyone else's playing experience (in which case the user should be informed and possibly blocked or banned), I feel strongly that their death should only come with the permission of their user. If you need 'cannon fodder', you can create some generic chars for that simple purpose.