Whitby tavern Interior

A much-of-a-muchness ale house, with a taproom and two small (occasionally tiny) private salons. Could be found in any reasonable size community anywhere remotely 'civilised'. Locals tend to be highly protective of the place and its staff — unsurprising, given the limits of entertainment in the area. In slightly larger locations, it might even stretch to an inn — of sorts. Be prepared for several rousing choruses of "There is a tavern in the town", and local anthems, whatever they may prove to be, with each singing in his own key, and accompanied by arrhythmic clattering of tankards.


Oliver! - Fine Life04:23

Oliver! - Fine Life

Guitar There Is A Tavern In The Town (Including lyrics and chords)02:38

Guitar There Is A Tavern In The Town (Including lyrics and chords)


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