Yes, this is a slightly whimsical pirate wiki. But overpowered characters are absolutely prohibited. All character must have strengths and weaknesses.

Please try to role-play characters in a realistic fashion. Some examples are that the majority of people have feelings, get happy, sad etc. Also, in the real world, when we meet people, we say hi, ask them their name etc. When meeting someone important, we make an appointment, knock on their door, treat them politely etc. All of these sort of things should be considered when role-playing.


Nothing too far beyond PG-13. Yes, we have a Brothel, characters fight, and most of the characters are sailors and cuss like them. Basically, enough for people to get the gist of it is allowed, but beyond that not much more. Nothing too vulgar, and everything should be for the sake of storytelling — one's it's as much as need for the story to be told, stop. The rest can be implied.

Historical Accuracy

This wiki takes place in the mid-to-late 1600s. We adhere to the adventurous, exciting (and admittedly unrealistic) tenets of narrative in painting our backdrop with treasures and tyrants, chalices and challenges. We focus on elicit storytelling, rather than historical accuracy.

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