Character Names: Full

You must have both a First and Last name, or your character will not get approved.

Character Names: Nonsense

You must have a NAME. Not random letters. The name can be very very very very very creative. In fact, it doesn't have to be real. But please, your name SHOULD NOT be random letters.

Example: ufo yo po jo

Character Names: Capitalization

You character's name must be properly capitalized. That is, no names starting with lowercase letters, and "van", "von", "le" and such should be lowercase.

Character Limit

There is no exact limit to the amount of characters a user can have, though do not allow yourself more than you can handle. An ideal maximum is 10 characters per user, however if you can control and roleplay more than that, you are allowed. If you have an excess of unroleplayed characters, you will be asked by the administration to delete some, and given a warning not to create so many again. 


To adopt a character whose user is inactive, or who's user has given up for adoption, you must have written permission from an Admin, and you are under obligation to change any aspects of the character that may not agree with our policies.

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