800px-Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.svg

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

This is an alphabetical list of categories available to all users, as well as a subsidiary list for members of the Administration team.


Blog posts
Denizens - non-player (NPC) and background characters, as well as legendary figures
Firefly - US 'space cowboy'series (2002-3)
Generic - stock places and characters to drop into a storyline
Goods - items produced and manufactured
Insignia - the emblems and arms of individuals and institutions
Legal - everything connected with law, punishment and incarceration
PotC BP, PotC DC, PotC WE, PotC ST - the Pirates of the Caribbean series
Roleplay - put on pages where adventures take place
R&R - rest and relaxation - non-violent activities
Services - any assistance or entertainment paid for
Sharpe - British TV movie series about the British Army early C19th
Strange tides - places of mystery and magic
The Brethren - the leadership of the pirate community
Unclaimable - cannot (long-term) 'belong' to any mortal


Primary - categories with no category 'above' them
Shows - the TV series or films from which images are taken
Site administration - for pages relating to the general operation of the wiki, non-user categories and such
User categories - these are individual creations each designed to bring together all the works of one (frequent) user of the wiki

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