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Welcome to endless, intriguing, beguiling India. A landmass located on the subcontinent of Asia, the tectonic plate of which creates the mighty Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau. Main artery of income for the East India Trading Company, which in turn wields excessive, disproportionate influence in London, generally with little concern for subtlety. When 'the Company' speaks, even majarajahs take note - and the sensible ones often quake. The possibilities are as numerous and varied as the population - as is the potential for danger, misadventure and the unknown.

The hinterland is familiar to few of pale complexion, and what resides and lurks there only the very bravest of men would truly know since Suttee and Thuggee both stalk the land.


This encompasses modern-day Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as what we now know as India.

Key LocationsEdit


Key FactionsEdit




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